Somers Point Beach Concerts Acclaimed Nationally As The Best!


USA Today newspaper for THE BEST Outdoor Concert Series  in the United States!

Nearly 100 years into its legacy of live musical entertainment, Somers Point, New Jersey is Nationally Recognized for the Best Outdoor Concert Series in America!
In an overwhelming display of regional pride and love for the unique and magical Concert Series, the people of the Northeast have given their hearts and their votes to make the Concerts on the Beach in Somers Point the winners of the USA Today contest for Best Outdoor Concert Series in the Nation! 
An appropriate award on the 30th Anniversary of the series founded by Nicholas C Regine, then Recreation Director for Somers Point, The Concert Series is now produced by the all volunteer Somers Point Beach Concert Committee led by Nancy and Carmen Marotta of the Tony Mart Legacy. 
Because it was just across the Bay from the pretty, pristine, “dry“ oceanfront resort of Ocean City, entertainment establishments began to appear in Somers Point almost a century ago in the 1930’s
In 1944 a Sicilian immigrant discovered and acted upon the momentous opportunities in post World War II America. The Marotta family became one of many families including the Gregory’s, DiOrio’s, Roy Steel, The Blakes’s, The Previti’s  the Antolini’s the Corniglia’s, the McCann’s, the McCains, the Thomas family, the Circle Liquor Store, Walt’s Original Pirmo Pizza and several more organizations whose hard work and dedication to the small family business created one of the original Jersey Shore party towns which ultimately became one of the most famous rock ‘n’ roll meccas on the East Coast.
The hard-working, opportunistic Antonino “Tony Mart“  Marotta bought Schick’s Tavern and turned it into the legendary “Tony Mart’s“ which contributed 38 years of fame to the history of the historic bayfront town of Somers Point.
30 years ago Nick Regine envisioned live Concerts on the Beach and in the last 18- 20 years these Concerts on the Beach in Somers Point have increased approximately 10 times in their scope and budget now becoming the Number One Outdoor Concert Series in the Country regularly presenting Grammy award winning artists, million selling recording artists, multiple New Orleans Big Easy Award and Memphis Blues Hall of Fame award winners as well as members of the Rock ‘n’ Roll and International Blues Hall of Fame. 
The series is deep in cultural content and patronage supporting the artists and their careers; it is extensive in it’s diversity and distinctive in artistic talent
Like all living things it must proliferate in an environment conducive to It’s growth.  Somers Point is just that remarkable, historic shore town distinguished by great community leadership led by the Mayor, the City Council, the Chief of Police, the Public Works Department and thousands of Volunteers, Sponsors and Contributors.
Everyone who is a part of this deserves recognition, rewards, credit and our heartfelt thanks for the profuse outpouring of support and good will that propelled all of us, as a community, to this truly remarkable accomplishment in a lovely small town of about 12,000 people.
Your Beach Concert Committee and the City of Somers Point are hard at work planning a special celebration.
Let the Good Times Roll!